From The Pages: Meditation and the Power of Thoughts

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“The Way of Peace” by James Allen.

The Way of Peace (free Kindle edition here) is a lovely and inspiring little book of musings on meditation, peace of mind and developing personal qualities of kindness, love and understanding. It has the typical James Allen self-help flair that inspires me to become a better version of myself (and that’s always welcome).

Here is a short excerpt from the book:

“Meditation is the intense dwelling, in thought, upon an idea or theme, with the object of thoroughly comprehending it, and whatsoever you constantly meditate upon you will not only come to understand, but will grow more and more into its likeness, for it will become incorporated into your very being, will become, in fact, your very self. If, therefore, you constantly dwell upon that which is selfish and debasing, you will ultimately become selfish and debased; if you ceaselessly think upon that which is pure and unselfish you will surely become pure and unselfish . . . There is an unavoidable tendency to become literally the embodiment of that quality upon which one most constantly thinks.”

This is a powerful thought – we eventually become the content of our thoughts, so we should make every effort to cultivate our thoughts and purify them. Think about the person you’d be honored to become, and the qualities you’d be proud to possess. Anything else should not be nurtured in your thoughts, only the good and positive should find home in your mind.

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